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Louie's Cookies

Although we are a traditional Greek bakery through and through, Louie's Cookies became our most popular product.  Our founder Louie invented this delicacy by blending different styles of chocolate merengue cookies from the southern European nations that touch the Mediterranean.  It's a "macaron" in France, a "brutti ma buoni" in Italy and a "karydato" in Greece but always with a twist.  


It has a crispy chocolate and walnut merengue shell with just enough sweetness to balance the walnut and a rich, soft chocolate ganache in the middle.  


They are all natural and gluten free.  We use local Blommer cocoa in both the shell and the filling and always use the highest quality ingredients to make sure our customers don't eat anything we wouldn't.


We've shipped them all over the country for over twenty years and it is because of the demand for these delights, that we have decided to open an online shop.  



  • Ingredients

    Biscuit: Natural Cocoa, Organic Cane Sugar, Ground Walnuts, Gluten Free Flour (Sweet brown rice flour, Brown rice flour, Tapioca starch, Arrowroot powder, Sorghum flour, Xanthan gum)

    Filling: Dark Chocolate, Organic Heavy Whipped Cream, Vanilla

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